Why Should You Take Greenhouse Management?

Saylor Jones, reporter

Greenhouse Management is one of the many electives offered here at WCTA. In this class, students get to do hands-on work in the greenhouse outside of the E building and help manage the sale of the products from the greenhouse. Since it’s almost time to choose electives for next school year, Greenhouse Management is a great option to consider.

Greenhouse Management is a good elective to take because it is easy and doesn’t involve a lot of academic work. All students have to do is go outside and help around the greenhouse, whether that means being in charge of growing plants, or helping build different things around the greenhouse.

The major focus of Greenhouse Management this year, according to Mr. Marlowe, is to make as much money as possible through conducting weekly produce sales after school on Wednesdays. Mr. Marlowe hopes to be able to take students on field trips with the money made from these sales.

Another reason to take Greenhouse Management is that it gives students a break from their strenuous classes. It gives students a chance to get outdoors and be active, while also helping the community by providing healthy food for produce sales.

Greenhouse Management also gives students experience with managing a greenhouse and running a business by finding ways to make money to support the greenhouse. Greenhouse Management also gives students a chance to connect with their peers face-to-face rather than on a device through teamwork.

Many of the Greenhouse management students really enjoy taking this class.

“My favorite part of taking Greenhouse Management is definitely learning about new things with Mr. Marlowe. Not only does he teach us how to grow plants, but also about life.” Said WCTA senior Phailin Xayadeth, “He encourages us to talk about whatever we want, and I think that’s beautiful because it brings students closer together as a community through teamwork and life lessons.”

In addition, freshman Kassidy Dimasin said, “I am most looking forward to getting to sell the foods we grow this year because the profit is going to help the greenhouse class as a whole, and with the funds we can make small changes in our community and impact the world around us.”

All in all, Greenhouse Management is a great class for students to take if they are looking to fill their schedule with a fun and easy class. Also, this class is a great way for students to make friends and contribute to the WCTA community, as well as to connect to the environment more rather than sitting on their computers doing work all day.

Students are growing tomatoes in the WCTA greenhouse to sell at the weekly produce sales.

Photo Credit: Saylor Jones

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