Why You Should Implement Self Affirmations

Dulce Reyes, reporter

“You is Kind, You is Smart, You are Important” is a popular affirmation within the 2011 film The Help. In more recent years, self love and mental health awareness has skyrocketed. Self affirmations being one of the most recommended tactics to support both. This being said, why should you implement affirmations?

Well to begin, self affirmations are a series of words or a phrase that are repeated based on what emotion or problem that you would like to address. It could be as simple as “I am faithful” or “I am enough.”

They are a guide to positivity that can be taken into our own hands. Self affirmations are loving and motivating that stem from an insecurity or difficulty. We are often our biggest critics that tend to forget to praise. We forget that we are more than what we see. Self affirmations are useful to fight off negative thoughts that come with stress and anxiety.

Affirmations allow us to be confident and focus on growth. There are multiple types of affirmations which include: inspirational, personal goal, complemental, change, and gratitude.

Inspirational affirmations are for when you are lacking confidence and need a little support.

Personal goal oriented affirmations do exactly as they are named. They allow you to be more decisive and less distracted. Complemental affirmations focus more on self esteem. These affirmations may include either appearance or character traits.

Change affirmations are similar to goal affirmations however they are more for a mental block. Perhaps trying to forgive a person who had hurt you in the past. A change affirmation takes your present self to an action you would like to see in your future.

The last and definitely not least is the gratitude affirmation. These affirmations allow you to have compassion and thank yourself (and others) for the love in your life.

If you aren’t yet sure how to start, identify what you think you are lacking in your day to day. If you often procrastinate, goal oriented affirmations are a great tool for you to utilize.

But maybe practice with your friends first, Abhilasha Kotapeta, a senior said, “I do not pretend to be anyone or anything other than who I am.” Is her go-to affirmation for when her friends are needing some positivity.

Senior Hailey Murray said, “Just say thank you” if you aren’t sure how to accept kind words.

Of course affirmations can be difficult to accept and consistently use but the benefits are endless. A little phrase can change the way you see the world, that is powerful. Do you want to stay where you are, or do you want to grow?

In the H building a few months ago were perfect examples of positive affirmations!

Photo credit: Dulce Reyes

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