Wildlife at West

Kristof Tacata-Fe, reporter

You’ve probably taken note of some wildlife on our wonderful campus. Whether they crawl, slither, fly, or burrow; it’s undeniable that the wildlife on WCTA’s campus is definitely something to take note of.

“Yeah when I was sitting outside I saw a coyote on campus between H and the cafeteria,” Senior Kat Woolford said.

Although not as common on campus, coyotes around WCTA aren't something new.

Some crazy sightings have been reported here at WCTA. Insects like scorpions, spiders, wasps, cockroaches, and ants have been spotted numerous times. Reports of snakes out by the field, coyotes out over by the hill side of campus, even tarantulas crawling around between buildings have been talked about.

Some buildings on campus are notorious for its critters. For example, B building and it’s mice. According to some students and teachers, rodents are well known in that building. Mice can be seen on the outside end of B. Some teachers even think they could well be living in their walls within the classroom. Outside butterflies can sometimes be seen fluttering in the open in the quad. If you look hard enough in the dirt you may even see some ant colonies, if you’re unlucky enough you may even be bitten by some.

“Yeah one time there was a snake outside the field and it was freaky. I got it on video and it was super gross up close,” Senior Eric Chernaev said.

If you aren’t careful, you may stumble on one yourself out there.From the daily cockroach or pigeon, to the springtime bees and butterflies, WCTA’s flora and fauna is what makes our campus unique, giving life to our wonderful campus.

Outside E here we see one WCTA’s more uncommon visitors on campus.

Photo Credit: Kristof Tacata-Fe

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