Wonder Woman...75?

By: Marco McEldowney, reporter

In December of 2020, DC’s sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 84, was released in select theaters and on HBO Max, to… mixed reception. Vassiliadis Elementary 5th grader, Norah McEldowney, said “it was boring, too much [talking], not enough action”. But why care about Wonder Woman in 1984, when she was in 1975 too?

The New, Original Wonder Woman is the premiere episode of a Wonder Woman series, which goes over Diana’s origin story. The episode seems pretty plain, and similar to the 2017 movie, but there’s one key factor that makes the episode much more entertaining. While 2017’s Wonder Woman has a serious tone with comedy sprinkled throughout, The New, Original Wonder Woman is a bizarre, off-the-wall action comedy that doesn’t even realize it’s a comedy.

The villains are so cartoonishly evil that any scene with them can’t be taken seriously. For example, in one scene, an evil spy, who’s also an old woman ,goes to a circus attraction, where Diana shows her bracelets’ bullet reflecting powers. The old woman volunteers to shoot the gun, then pulls out a fully automatic machine gun and begins firing at Diana (who, being the hero, blocks them all perfectly).

Towards the beginning of the episode, Diana runs into her mother’s room and demands to leave the island to help stop the bad guys and save the world, and her mother spends the entire scene playing a comically oversized harp. And finally, there’s so much overacting, especially in the plane dogfights. Both Steve Rogers and the other pilot made exaggerated faces that are impossible to not laugh at.

If Wonder Woman 84 didn’t have what you were looking for, and your family was disappointed by it, offer to play this instead. It’s pure randomness and breakneck pace surely won’t disappoint.

While the new Wonder Women movie disappointed many fans, the comedic 1975 Wonder Women never fails to make you laugh.

Photo Credit: https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a34993621/wonder-woman-1984-patty-jenkins-lynda-carter-interview/

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