You Review: Is The Third Season The Perfect Conclusion Already?

By Natasha Flore, reporter

What went from an underrated thriller about a narcissistic stalker to a savage mockery of marriage, You has become an increasingly popular show since it was moved to Netflix in 2018. After COVID-19 froze the production of the series for a year, You has finally returned with a third season, which was released in October. Spoilers ahead!

Despite releasing over a month ago, You has kept a strong hold on Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. since its release.

The show is roughly based on the book series of the same title and follows a troubled man named Joe Goldberg who will do anything to hook the ‘one’. From stalking, blackmailing, and even murdering friends and exes, he’ll sacrifice everything for who he believes is the love of his life until he moves on. After killing Guinevere Beck in season one, Joe begins a new life across the country and becomes infatuated with a new local: Love Quinn.

Things take a turn when it’s revealed she’s just as deranged as him and is even pregnant however, so the couple settle down for season three in the suburbia of Madre Linda.

The season starts off seemingly normal; Joe and Love have married and moved into a new house with their newborn Henry. Love mingles with the other married couples and opens a bakery while Joe gets a new job as a librarian and learns a little too much about his neighbors.

The vicious cycle begins yet again between Joe and Natalie Engler until suddenly her throat is slit by Love when she finds out. The rest of the season continues with a constant push and shove between the couple as Love recklessly murders people left and right to keep their secrets and Joe is left to clean up her messes while secretly fawning over his boss.

Compared to the last two seasons, many seem to prefer the third season over the others- Freshman Emma Hellman is one of them.

“The third season follows a more developed storyline and I think it’s thought out more than the other two- it’s definitely my favorite season so far,” she said.

Before season three came out, Netflix announced that season four was already confirmed for the franchise. After the fiery disaster that let Joe escape to Paris in search of Marienne, the announcement makes sense- others, however, believe the ending to season three is already perfect.

Freshman Mija Atijas disagrees and thinks there’s still loose ends that need to be tied. “There definitely should be a season four after the cliffhanger we were left on- we don’t even know what happened to Love and Marienne, and ending it off there would be extremely dissatisfying,” she said.

Season four likely won’t come out for another year based on the release pattern the others followed, but the entirety of season three has left us with just as many, if not more, questions as the previous seasons before it.

Despite coming out over a month ago, You remains in Netflix’s Top 3.

Photo Credit: Natasha Flore

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